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Tabularium is a collection management system for archives which is available as freeware. You can find out more about Tabularium and download it here.


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Point release: Version 2.1

This minor release fixes a problem with a problem in Version 2.0 whereby a search using the 'Photograph search' form returned the same photograph multiple times where the photograph had been indexed with more than one indexing term (subject heading, person name or place name.

Version 2.1 (Build 37) contains new forms for searching photographs by indexing terms, along with supporting queries and consequent changes to some existing forms and queries.

For Tabularium Version 2.0 (Build 35 or 36) users, an upgrading file enables you to copy these forms and queries into your existing database. This is a useful upgrade if you use the photograph indexing features of Tabularium Version 2.

Both Version 2.1 and the upgrading file are available from the Download Tabularium page.

Tabularium is now free

Please note that Tabularium is now freeware, as a result of the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) in Australia.

New website hosting arrangement

As part of State Records' function " advise on and foster the preservation of the archival resources of the State [of New South Wales], whether public or private" (State Records Act 1998, s. 66(1)(c)), Tabularium is now available for download from this site.

David Roberts and the Government of New South Wales MMIV


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